(Diego Gil de Biedma) graphic designer and visual creator (Info)

Designs for Nike promoting a four-day event at Miami Art Week honoring the life and legacy of Virgil Abloh. Done with Something Special Studios. Initial identity by Studio Temp.

Cover for the book Memories of London. Playing with printing in the different covers.

Album cover for Toca Discos. Theme: Consumerism.

Motion Graphics for NIKE Future Movement done at New Studio.

Amaka-Zine design, a magazine that covers issues, innovations, and figures across Africa. Work done with New Studio.

Type for the new merch drop of the rapper Harry Mack. Done at New Studio.

Design and content curation of issue I of Sin Sentido Consentido. Theme: Success.

Design and content curation of issue II of Sin Sentido Consentido. Theme: Prejudice.

Some type designs for the photographer Adam Broomberg.

The future is extinction, personal EP.

Invisible Yemen posters for We Are Facts exhibition.


More visual experiments here.

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